What We Do

Geologic Data Systems creates digital surface geologic maps for use in the GIS environment – we provide maps at a wide variety of scales covering areas as large as the world to as small as a quadrangle, but all maps have a robust database that allows for a wide variety of display options and supports intense spatial analysis.

World Maps

1:5,000,000 Scale Geologic and Tectonic Maps of the World
Our Global projects are an excellent platform for management review of new venture areas, providing a rapid and cost effective way to evaluate discoveries and exploration activity world wide.

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About Our Maps

(Above: Data Sample from our Southern Africa Project)

All Geologic Data Systems geologic maps are designed for use in the GIS environment – geologic polygons have a rich attribute table with information about age, lithology and other specific details that allow for a variety of display options, as well as rigorous analysis. Linear and point data are also attributed with pertinent geologic information such as type of fault or fold and fault or fold name if available; strike & dip points are attributed with characteristics such as type (field observed or photogeologic), angles and direction.

E.S.R.I. Software and Training

ESRI Training

E.S.R.I. Software and Training

Geologic Data Systems is a Silver Tier ESRI Business Partner and an authorized reseller of ESRI ArcGIS software.  We also provide ArcGIS training focused specifically on geologic applications to maximize the effective use of GIS.

ESRI Silver Partner

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