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Regional Geologic Mapping Projects

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iran iraq
1:100,000 scale mapping | Central Iraq

50,000, 100,000 & 200,000 scale projects

Our detailed projects are generated using best available geologic references; new, seamless interpretations are created on a base of 14.25 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Landsat Imagery (ETM) or aerial photography and using digital elevation model (DEM) data at a 30m or better resolution (generally ASTER, 30m SRTM, or, for domestic projects, National Elevation Dataset DEM) hillshaded to enhance structural features.

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1:250,000 scale mapping | NW Colombia

250,000 scale projects (2° x 3°)

For 1:250,000 scale projects Geologic Data Systems uses a variety of scale- appropriate geologic maps as a guide to inform new seamless, detailed geologic interpretations. The detailed structural, stratigraphic and geomorphic surface geologic interpretation is conducted using shaded relief and Landsat imagery, compiled at a 1:250,000 scale and generally delivered in an ArcGIS format. The base Landsat Imagery (ETM) and hillshaded DEM, at 30m to 90m resolution depending on data availability and project extent, are integrated with the geologic data for delivery.

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1:500,000 scale mapping | NE Sichuan Basin, China

500,000 scale projects (4° x 6°)

Like the more detailed projects, our 1:500,000 scale maps are created using published geologic references and a base of Landsat Imagery and shaded relief. Data can be provided in a standard or other client-specified coordinate system to rapidly integrate with a working project environment. We also provide technical client support to facilitate effective use of our data in your geologic analysis.

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World Maps

1:5,000,000 Scale Geologic and Tectonic Maps of the World
Our Global projects are an excellent platform for management review of new venture areas, providing a rapid and cost effective way to evaluate discoveries and exploration activity world wide.

world geo

GDS Geologic Map of the World

The digital geologic map of the world was interpreted using published maps at scales from 1:5,000,000 to as detailed as 1:250,000 – every effort was made to preserve regional unit information about lithology, age and, where possible, named stratigraphic units in the geologic attribution. The interpretation base was SRTM30 30 Arc-Second elevation data onshore, ETOPO1 1 Arc-Minute data offshore and 250m resampled Landsat ETM. As with all Geologic Data Systems projects, geologic vector data are provided in GIS compatible formats and all raster data used in the interpretation are provided with the project.

world tectonic

GDS Tectonic Map of the World

Modeled after the original Exxon 1985 Tectonic Map of the World but updated with respect to latest tectonic information, current global imagery and geophysical data, and the evolution of GIS software capabilities, this product is a true digital, multi-dimensional, global tectonic map. The complex data package includes Tectonic Element polygons, Tectonic Geology polygons, Basin polygons and basin isopachs, seafloor age polygons, on and offshore structural data, passive margins, plate and subplate boundaries, large igneous provinces and many other tectonically significant features. Like the Geologic Map of the World, the interpretation base for this map is the Landsat and hillshaded elevation data. In addition, global gravity and magnetics data were used to help constrain the location of features such as ocean spreading ridges, rift zones and seafloor age zones. All raster data (imagery, elevation data, and gravity and magnetics grids) are provided as part of the project delivery.

About Our Maps


All Geologic Data Systems geologic maps are designed for use in the GIS environment – geologic polygons have a rich attribute table with information about age, lithology and other specific details that allow for a variety of display options, as well as rigorous analysis. Linear and point data are also attributed with pertinent geologic information such as type of fault or fold and fault or fold name if available; strike & dip points are attributed with characteristics such as type (field observed or photogeologic), angles and direction. (Data Sample from our Southern Africa Project)

E.S.R.I. Software and Training

ESRI Training

E.S.R.I. Software and Training

Geologic Data Systems is a Silver Tier ESRI Business Partner and an authorized reseller of ESRI ArcGIS software.  We also provide ArcGIS training focused specifically on geologic applications to maximize the effective use of GIS.

ESRI Silver Partner

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